How to Lengthen an Essay and Make it Appear Longer

More and more students are facing the same problem regarding the word count of their papers nowadays. Each good college paper should have a proper length, according to the guidelines. If the instructions regarding the word count of essay writing are followed, your professor will be convinced that you read them carefully, which means you are attentive to detail and respect him or her. Also, thorough adherence to the rules shows that you put a lot of effort to write this essay. Therefore, writing a paper, following the rules regarding the word count is essential. 

It might not be easy to make a paper longer, especially if you are writing it for the first time. However, with the following pieces of advice and tips, it will be much easier to do it and get the highest score. So now you will get to know how to lengthen an essay most easily. 

9 Tricks to Make Your Essay Appear Longer

Wonder how to make an essay longer? Of course, you may use such tricks as increasing font sizes and enlarging margins, but it will not work sometimes because your professor may simply check the word count. However, there are other practical tricks and guides to make a paper longer for a short period. Sounds interesting?

#1. Use multiple examples

If you want to make your essay longer, you would better go back to the ideas you mentioned in the paper and provide examples for them. So the examples are to be used to illustrate the main points properly. For that, do a little research, which will make the data in the paper more accurate. The more examples are, the better it is for you if you want to get a good mark. What is more, you will also make the thesis statement stronger by using the examples. 

For instance, your main statement is that the ghosts are real. To provide the reader with testimonials of people who witnessed spirits. The number of such examples might be multiple. Moreover, it will make your professor impressed because the main points are supported and the length is as it is required. So do mind this piece of advice and consider it to make your paper longer.

#2. Use long quotes

Adding quotations is a good way of increasing your word count. However, it will be better to add them on purpose, but not for the sake of just including them. It means that all of them should be relevant to the information in the main body of the essay to make the reader involved and interested. If you need to enlarge a word count, you would rather go through the resource materials to find the quote, which will back up your argument. Also, you may find other sources with evidence to prove your main point with extra words. Lengthen the quotes and citations to make your thesis statement stronger and make the word count bigger. As a result, you will not only increase the size of your essay but also make it more informative and inspiring. However, make sure your resources are properly cited at the end of the essay. 

#3. Use transitional phrases

Sometimes it will be better not to just put the plain ideas one after another, but to make them connected. Adding transitional phrases is a natural way not only to increase the length of the paper but also to build a logical chain between the ideas. Here are some of the transitional phrases you may use to add length:

Of course In light of Therefore Demonstrating that In conclusion Firstly/secondly Equally so Likewise Whereas although Whereas instead  Conversely despite  However otherwise  Nevertheless rather  Regardless nonetheless  in the event that notwithstanding  as / so long as granted (that) Including notably to be sure like Chiefly namely However Despite all of this Because of this Indeed This illustrates that On the other hand As a matter of fact By the same token With regards to this Considering this To put it another way With this in mind As a consequence Under these circumstances in contrast although this may be true for the purpose of on (the) condition (that)  with this in mind with this intention  to the end that in the hope that for this reason in fact in particular in general for example in detail to demonstrate for instance   of course …, but different from on the contrary on the other hand  in spite of at the same time  be that as it may even so / though above all then again  in reality  after all in order to for fear that  in view of seeing / being that to put it differently in other words as an illustration for one thing that is to say to put it another way by all means in this case to emphasize Therefore consequently Forthwith thereupon henceforth  

#4. Format your paragraphs

One more method to increase the length is by formatting paragraphs. Ensure all the paragraphs have a proper structure. For instance, there should be a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph, followed by pieces of evidence or examples, and with a conclusion or a transition phrase at the end. If some of the formatting parts are missing, just add these parts and increase the word count. 

#5. Avoid using acronyms

No way a good paper should include the contractions. Just avoid using acronyms. For instance, to make your essay longer, use the full form of the verbs like “It is” instead of “It’s” or write “National Aeronautics and Space Administration “ instead of “NASA”. As a result, you will get more spacing. 

#6. Extend your heading

Maintain the balance in it because your tutor may get it. If you weren’t provided with the specific guidelines and requirements regarding the format of the essay, you can write more information in the heading. For instance, you may write your name, class name, and also a professor’s name and the date, adding extra space to your paper. Besides, you may add an essay outline to make your essay longer. A good outline will add extra space to your essay. To add more, you may increase the size of your introduction to lengthen the paper, but do not overdo it because the teacher may catch it on. Try to maintain the balance and make it in a natural way.  

#7. Write out numbers

As long as it is not prohibited to write out numbers, it means that it is allowed. For example, you may write twenty-nine instead of 29 so that it will significantly increase your paper if you have a lot of digits in it. Teachers might not even notice the difference if you write the words instead of numbers. Therefore, take this trick into consideration. 

#8. Proofread and edit your essay

Essay editing is one of the most crucial parts when writing the paper. Proofreading is another important thing to do when writing a paper. You may either proofread and edit the essay yourself, or ask your parents or friend to read the paper and reveal their reaction to it. Pay your attention to the things they find confusing, editing and proofreading your paper. Then go through the essay page yourself and revise it, making it more clearly. Asking someone to read your paper will ensure you are not missing any of the important details when making an edition. Also, when you revise your paper, don’t do it quickly. Take a break, which sometimes might be a few days, go back to it, and go through once again. Then correct all the typos, grammatical mistakes or punctuation errors at the end. 

#9. Elaborate

Despite the fact you can get the point in one sentence, it will be better to develop the idea in several sentences for other readers to better understand it. Be specific about the main points and go deeply into detail. If you want to get high scores, it will be better to avoid shortcuts in your paper. If you do your best, elaborating your main claims, you will be rewarded correspondingly by your tutor. So elaborating the ideas of your essay is a must, if you want to get good grades. 

All things considered, making the essay longer is not easy at all. It takes a lot of time to brainstorm, write, and revise the paper. However, if you follow these pieces of advice accurately, you might get an A grade. Thanks to the help of your friends and parents, you might improve the quality of the paper and add length. So do not neglect the assistance of other people.  

Nevertheless, if you feel unsure about increasing the length of your essay by yourself, you might ask the professionals to assist you. For that, you will have to use a writing service where the experts are experienced enough to help you write an excellent paper. They will do all the hardest work instead of you, and you will only have to hand the printed version of the paper into your professor. 

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I wish you to be able to write the essay yourself or not to be too shy to ask professional writers for help in composing your papers in case you are struggling. Besides, if you order a paper online for the first time, it might become a good example for you when you will be asked to write your second essay. Enjoy your studying time and have a great day!

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