How to Write a 300-Word Essay Efficiently

Studying in high schools and universities are becoming harder and harder nowadays. Each term the teachers and professors ask their students to write an essay, which often is a real challenge for them. Such an essay is supposed to be 300 words long. The main purpose of the tutors is to gauge the knowledge and skills of the students. It might seem easy since the size is not big. However, the text should not be vague. Therefore, a student will definitely need assistance in case he or she is not an experienced one. Here are some tips to help you write a good and high-quality 300-word essay. 

Outlining a 300-Words Essay

300 words essay format

The main principles of writing a good essay should be in your tutor’s instructions. If you need to know how to write a 300-word essay, here you will find the main parameters. The basic elements of the 300-word essay outline are title, outline, introduction, main body, and conclusion. A good essay will be between 1 page or 1,5 page long. More detailed information about them is written below.


During a process of composing a title, it may seem to be one of the most difficult parts when you write a good essay. This is because a good title should reflect the answer to the main question about the paper. There are two main ways of writing a solid title. You may either do it after the paper is ready or before writing the essay. We recommend you to do it in the beginning so that you will know how to develop the plot of your essay. A proper title should consist of a hook, thesis statement, and transition. Make sure the title is catchy. Just make it bold and center or follow the rules of the format and assignment your teacher provided you with as soon as the title is ready.


To tell the truth, a good 300-word essay outline might be compared to an axis. It reflects the main structural elements of your essay. Therefore, it should be written after some thinking so that the main points of it will be specified throughout the plot of the essay. Meaning, all the arguments to support each point of the outline should be presented in the main body. So if you want to make a proper outline, grab the main ideas about the topic of your paper and place them in the correct and logical order. 


The main aim of writing a good introduction is to make the reader involved and interested in a story. Some of the students prefer to write it after the main body is ready. It’s up to you, but if we speak about the word count, the introduction must be no longer than 40-60 words. It should contain the following elements:


The main purpose of a hook to draw the attention of the reader with a solid statement or idea. It should be properly formulated and catchy. However, note that it should be a general statement, but not just a striking idea. For instance, it may be a quote or philosophical phrase.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement is a phrase that answers the main question of the paper. Usually, it should be placed at the end of the introduction. The size of a good thesis statement should be no longer than 2-3 sentences. For instance, it should be composed of several sentences connected with the word “because” or “since”, etc. A thesis statement should never be presented in the form of the question, though.  


The introduction should be logically linked to the main body of the essay. So you will have to write a transition in order not to cut off the introduction and introduce the main ideas to the reader.

Main body

Composing your essay, it is necessary to stick to the word count, which is 200-240 words. So it means that the main body should be divided into 2-3 paragraphs. Meaning, there should be 5-6 sentences in each paragraph. You will have to generate the ideas in a way that proves the thesis statement. It means that the arguments to back up the thesis statement should be provided. To add more, every paragraph is also supposed to be structured clearly. 


This part of the essay should consist of 45-60 words, taking the word count’s demands into account. Make sure it provides a good evaluation and analysis of the main ideas presented in the main body, referring to the thesis statement. Note that no new ideas, facts, or information should be included in the conclusion. In general, it should be 3-4 sentences long, summarizing the main points of your paper. A proper conclusion is a summary of the essay. 

Writing a 300-Words Essay in Few Steps

  • Do deep research, regarding the topic you got: Just learn about the few aspects you are planning to write without too much concentration on the details. However, make sure you understand the essay question completely. To convince the audience you will need to provide it with the pieces of evidence in the main body. Therefore, it will be better to note down the main ideas when doing excellent research.  
  • Find relevant data: To write a good informative paper, you will have to go over the books in the libraries or watch the videos to get as much information as possible. Find the book, article, magazine, or video that opens up the topic of your essay. Then jot down the main ideas and points. It would be perfect to save some quotes, but make sure they will be presented, accordingly to the rules of the format you need. Also, it is important to save the references to make proper citations at the end. Make sure the sources are reliable and credible. For that, you may use online newspapers, magazines, Google scholar books, articles, etc.   
  • Create a strong thesis: It should be like a guide for your essay. Make sure you write a good introduction paragraph. Try to evoke the interest of the reader to the entire plot of the essay. A strong thesis should consist of several semantic cores connected with words and phrases like “because”, “since”, “due to the fact”, and so on.  
  • Plan your essay precisely: Make sure you will adhere to the format rules. Plan it out to avoid messy structure and stick to the word count because you are limited in the number of words. As long as it is impossible to cover all the aspects, regarding the topic, focus on the most important ones.  
  • Brainstorm main points to back up your thesis statements: Select 2 or 3 best ones and specify them, narrowing down the focus of your essay. Make sure they differ one from another and are fresh and original.
  • Explain the main ideas in the main body: Make sure you elaborate on the main points in a number of fewer than 200 words. Note that each paragraph should begin with a fresh idea. Then this idea should be explained. After that, the example should be provided. In the aftermath, there is to be a summary and a little conclusive sentence. 
  • Generate the introduction, discussing the topic of your essay: Make sure it corresponds to the main points of the essay. Each paragraph idea should be unique and not repeated. 
  • Make a proper conclusion: Summarize all the ideas and evaluate them. The summary should be of high-quality analysis. No new facts or ideas should be included in the conclusion, only the evaluation of the key points and a thesis should follow up. 
  • Choose the right topic of the essay: Pick up the topic you have the most to say about in case you weren’t provided with a topic by your professor. 
  • Find the proper 300 word essay examples: Having a sample in front of your eyes is recommended for you if you write a 300 word essay for the first time. In this case, you will have an example of a good essay and may compare it with your paper. Do not download any of the essays from an unreliable source. Just ask your professor to give you such an essay example to help you create your own. 
  • Edit and proofread the paper: Read your essay two times, at least, to correct typos, if any. Sometimes it is better to come back to the essay the next day and correct the mistakes since you might not notice some of the errors in a rush. Rereading your essay for a second time might help you to come up with fresh ideas that you may have missed in the essay. Sometimes, you may even restate your thesis statement. Moreover, going through a paper for a few times will help you not to hand a paper full of grammatical or formatting mistakes, which will result in your grade. 

Additional Essay Tips to Keep in Mind

1.    Take your time to generate the idea: Sometimes you might need to spend hours, just finding the main idea of your essay. This is very important to make it specific. In other words, you should be the first to produce this idea. Therefore, you should have a clue about what your audience will need to understand.

2. Select the topic, which is specific, narrowing it to a small idea. The topic should be fresh and 100% unique. Make it as narrow as possible. 

3.    First of all, write the body. The next thing is to write an introduction. The last, but not least thing, is writing a conclusion. Follow this order, and you will enjoy the results. However, still, you may follow the order you like, if only the essay was a creative one.  

4.    Make sure your essay answers questions like “What?”, “Why?”, and “How?”. Try to clearly define the main goal of the paper, provide the reasons and explain the way out. 

5.    Avoid using such words as “Things”, “You”, “Some”, “That”, “To be”, and cliches. All the personal pronouns and other common and general phrases should be excluded from your essay if you want to get the highest score.

6.    Make the text easy-to-read. No complex and complicated words are allowed. Try to make the entire text as readable as you can. 

If you need to write an admission essay, you may share the story of your life so that the reader will get to know more about your values and traits of character. Therefore, the topic of such an essay might be even about some program or TV show. All in all, it should tell something about the author to the readers.

During academic years, students are expected to be able to write an essay, research papers, thesis papers, book reviews, case studies, dissertations, and so on, which is a big challenge for them. In case, they don’t have writing skills, writing a good paper might become a nightmare for them. 

All things considered, if you want to create a good essay, you will have to try hard. It might be even a complicated one for you to do it if you write a research paper for the first time. Therefore, if you need any kind of assistance, you can use a writing service. The professional writers will easily compose a good paper for you so that you won’t have to waste your time writing it. In other words, they will do all the “dirty” and hard work for you. So the only thing you will need to do is to hand your printed paper into your professor. 

We do recommend you to use a writing service in case you are writing a paper for the first time. When it’s done, it might be a good example for you when you will need to write your second essay. So that this essay will be a vivid example for you next time. 

To sum up, if you decide to write a paper yourself, please take all the tips and pieces of advice revealed in this article seriously. Since a lot of tutors are very strict, you should follow all the instructions precisely and accurately as well. However, if you feel unsure about this type of learning activity or if your English is not advanced, you would rather order a paper online. Just pay a professional writer to do the stuff for you and enjoy the improved grades. 

Wish you all the best when composing your essay. Have a great time when composing it or relax if you opt to ask a pro writer to help you! 

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