How to Write a Great Short Essay

What Components Do You Need for Your Essay?

An ordinary essay consists of such parts as an introduction, thesis statement, transition, main body (2-3 paragraphs), and conclusion. Thanks to such a structure, good essays are easily readable. 


You will never have a second chance to create the first impression, writing essay. This is what the introduction is all about for all students. The main target of the introduction is to draw the reader’s attention, making him or her involved and interested in it with a catchy hook when you write short essay. To write a good introduction, each high school student has to make sure it consists of less than 5 sentences and is concise and clear. Represent your idea about the relevance of any issue in the first sentence and introduce your solution to a problem.


In most cases, the thesis statement is represented in the last sentence of the introduction (or last 2 sentences). It should never be in the form of the question. A strong thesis statement should provide the reader with an answer to the question about the topic. A proper thesis statement should answer such questions as “What?”, “Why?”, and “How?”. So strengthen it. The thesis statement should be specific and debatable so that the audience would like to give arguments for and against it. Therefore, it should be as clear as possible, revealing the small idea that has never been introduced before. 

Body paragraphs

The standard format of the short effective essay is 5 paragraphs. It means that 3 paragraphs of it should be a part of the main body. The main body should contain several claims and ideas about the topic of the paper. They should support the thesis statement. The structure of each paragraph includes a topic sentence, the example of pieces of evidence, and a conclusion or transition.

Make sure you place the arguments from a strong one to a weak one. To provide the readers with illustrations, it would be better to add quotations but ensure you cite them, according to the formatting rules. To make your text natural, add some transitional phrases and linking words there. It will make the flow of your logical chain thoughts more smoothly and easier to understand. 


Make a deep analysis and effective evaluation of your claims, revealed in the essay, in the final paragraph. Make sure it is about 45-60 words so that it corresponds to the essay structure. In this part, you will have to prove how the arguments from the main body support the thesis statement. In other words, there should be a clear answer to the question raised in the introduction. Provide the target reader with a fresh perspective on the thesis statement. The proper conclusion should be able to make the audience pleased with the reading. 

Writing a Short Essay in Six Steps

#1. Research your topic

First and foremost, find credible and reliable sources. As long as the essay should be short, you will be required to have 2 or 3 sources only. For example, it may be books or articles from Google Scholar. Try to choose the resources, which were published recently so that they give a fresh perspective about an issue. Read the summary or abstract of the source you find. Try to grab the main points concerning the topic of your essay so that they contribute something to your thesis statement and argument. 

#2. Outline your essay

Compose a proper outline for your essay. Plan what you are going to tell the reader in your main body paragraphs. Number each of your paragraphs. Take the main idea of each paragraph and jot it down. It is recommended to plan outline or else the short essays will be organized poorly. 

#3. Compose your introduction

Compose an informative and an arguable thesis statement when essay writing. A good thesis statement is a summary of all the arguments. It mustn’t be too vague and longer than needed. Connect the parts of your thesis sentence by linking words and transitional phrases.

Provide an explanation of the essay’s topic in the introduction. Begin a paragraph with a specific sentence and narrow the topic down. Explain the relevance of the topic. Place the thesis statement in a second or third sentence of the introduction, making it as clear as possible.

Make sure the introduction part consists of less than 75 words. In other words, don’t be carried away with a topic, but make it relevant. Add 5-6 sentences in the introduction, making it brief and not long.  

#4. Write the body paragraph

Illustrate the various aspects of the thesis statement in each paragraph. One main idea must be listed in each paragraph. Add citations and quotes from credible sources to support your main idea. 

To make arguments stronger, add data from credible and reliable sources. Insert a few pieces of information and quotations, proving the main claims of the essay. Try to adhere to the word count, making them focused and concise. 

#5. Construct the conclusion

Writing might be a rather complicated thing, especially academic writing. However, if you use the following tips, you will succeed in it.

  • Pick up the topic, which is interesting for you. This is the main thing to do if you want the reader to like it. If you have a personal interest in the topic, it will be exciting for everyone to enjoy your paper because you will be a member of the audience. Make sure you utilize the most interesting information and make proper references. Choose the topic that you are passionate about and your professor will notice it. Do it instead of selecting a popular topic, which you dislike.
  • Learn the target reader. Make sure you can identify your target audience, knowing the traits of character and what these people think about., before you begin to write your short essay. For instance, if your professor is a part of your audience, lucky you are because you will not need to recap the basics, trying to explain to him or her. Also, you may begin with broader topics not to confuse the target audience.
  • It is necessary to read. Writing academic papers supposes being intelligent about the topic you choose. It means that proper research is needed before you start to write. To get in-depth ideas about your paper, reading several sources thoroughly is required to adhere to the prompt. 
  • Try to avoid distractions. It means that watching TV or listening to loud music is not a good idea to do when writing a paper, unless you are an experienced writer, of course. Concentrate on writing your short essay. Thanks to that, your paper will be on-point and specific because nothing will distract your attention.
  • Never give up. Sometimes writing an essay might seem the too complicated thing to do, even impossible. For example, you might not have any ideas that will be useful, or no inspiration left, or simply many other interesting tasks to do. So just take a break. There is no need to give up completely. Relax for some time and then begin to write again, going back to your task. In this case, you will feel rewarded and proud in the end, if you keep working on your paper. However, you might feel upset about getting a satisfactory mark. Nevertheless, it’s not a time to give up because your efforts count. Your persistence will be noticed in the aftermath and you will get a higher score. Definitely, your effort will pay off in the future making an assignment.  
  • Utilize online proofreading and editing services. It might seem that everything is okay concerning your paper for each student, but if you look it over again, you might notice several mistakes. Even professional writer makes mistakes sometimes, so a beginner will have some typos, grammatical mistakes or punctuation errors. So if you re-read the paper one more time, you will be able to notice such mistakes. Instead of doing it yourself, you may entrust this work to a professional online grammar checker service. Sometimes you will need some help from expert writers to have amazing results. 

#6. Edit and proofread your essay

Find a few secondary sources from the online research database. The vast majority of the research you will do will be online. There you might find several peer-reviewed and high-quality articles. As long as your essay is supposed to be short, you will not need 2 secondary sources, so 1 source is more than enough. For example, if you write an essay in English class, you may use such a database as a LION, MLA Bibliography, or JSTOR. If you write a college application, no secondary sources are needed. In case you write a timed essay, use the sources of the books used during your class activities.  

Additional Tips for Your Short Essay Writing


  •  Writing short is a must. Make your essay snappy. Include only the characters that are relevant to the main idea of the paper. Write short.
  • Place the thesis statement in one of the first 3 sentences, if your essay is 3 to 4 paragraphs. If you are writing a 1-2 paragraph essay, place it in the first sentence. Make it shorter.
  • Limit the number of evidences, leaving a place to introspect.
  • Follow the instructions, supporting the thesis and showing your best traits of character.
  • Condense the information as much as you can, writing a short essay.


  • Make sure the essay meets the word count and formatting like all specialists do.
  • Pick up a complex topic, which enables you to elaborate on the idea.
  • Compose a proper intro and conclusion.
  • Cut the unimportant parts out to meet the word count. 

A short essay is the same essay as a long one, but with less space. Make sure all the points are presented. It is better to introduce fewer points, but more supported ones. 

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