How to write an Personal Essay

Personal essay is a special type of academic assignment, which requires a descriptive explanation of your personal story. This paper remains an autobiographical story revealed in a conversational manner. Personal essay paper is also called a personal statement. This is a creative nonfiction type of an essay paper with no subject forbidden and no certain structure recommended. Every writer must provide own thoughts and experiences when completing a personal essay. Moreover, the author needs to reveal the life lessons learned and their consequences for him and other people.

How do you Introduce yourself in a Personal Essay?

Personal essay requires an intimate thoughts and experiences described, thus every author needs to be aimed at revealing own life lessons learned and the life-changing experience. In order to make a great introduction, it is important to follow the next writing tips and guides:

  1. First, you need to find a great personal essay topic. It is better to choose really life-changing experience to describe or such common topics like fears, love experience, obstacle’s overcome, new discoveries, etc.
  2. Start your introduction part with a hook. In this type of academic work, it is crucial to impress the reader from the very first words of an essay paper. Use a strong hook to gather the audience attention and to introduce your topic.
  3. Write down an outline. An outline is an essential part of every personal essay since it can be used as a written plan of the entire essay paper. The outline helps focusing on every important element of an essay paper, including an introduction, main paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  4. Focus on the most essential experience. There is no use of writing a general story since you will not be able to describe your personal experience fully. Even if your paper concerns a discrimination, you should not describe this entire phenomenon. Your personal experience within a certain situation is the only thing that matters.
  5. Describe every detail fully. If you want to provide an excellent personal paper, you must reveal a full picture of the events you have experienced. The reader needs to feel your emotions, no matter whether positive or negative they are. The readers must experience the described events with your, thus make your description really informative and mesmerizing.
  6. Provide a thought provoking conclusion. If you want people to remember your story and use your personal experience for dealing with own problems, a great conclusion is obligatory.

How do you Write a Personal Essay Outline?

A personal essay is a special type of an academic paper, which contains an intimate thoughts and experiences and has a commonly used format. The essay consists of an introduction, bogy paragraphs, and a conclusion. Modern writers use the five by five formula, when performing a personal essay paper. According to this formula, there are five main paragraphs with five sentences in each to write. Moreover, five sentences are enough to reveal your thoughts fully, according to this formula’s meaning.
The introduction part is one of the most important parts of a personal essay paper since it reveals the main topic of the entire paper and allows readers choosing whether to read the paper or not. In the same time, before writing an intro, it is great to create an outline. An outline is an essential part of every personal essay since it can be used as a written plan of the entire essay paper. The outline helps focusing on every important part of a paper, including an introduction, main paragraphs, and a conclusion. It allows assuring a proper paper’s structure and format.

The great personal essay introduction is aimed at grabbing readers’ attention, thus it needs to be thought-provoking and started with a strong hook. In this special type of an academic work, it is crucial to keep the reader’s attention from the very first words of an essay paper to its practical and challenging conclusions.

In order to maintain the audience attention, the writer can use the following elements placed in an introduction part:

  • Famous Citations;
  • Statistics and Facts;
  • Anecdotes and Jokes;
  • Provocative Statements;
  • Literary Terms;
  • Similes and Metaphors.

The introduction must always contain a catchy and informative persuasive thesis statement to run the audience into the main idea to be revealed in the paper. The background information is another important material to be used in an introduction, together with the description of main characters and events.

What is an Example of Personal Essay?

Many students when performing a personal essay try to use the outside help, useful various online guides and tips. Often, students use ready-made samples and examples to figure out how to write an excellent personal essay paper with a proper structure and format. We have some examples of a personal essay paper’s essential parts, students may use when writing an essay, presented below.

The introduction part example:

Being alone is the best way to stay unnoticed and in the same time unrecognized. If you ever were staying away from people you knew, especially the loved ones, you are well aware how great it was to see everyone back. This is an absolute true that people are social creatures, thus there is no way for us to gain any benefits being alone. This is a truth I have found out recently facing a need to stay away from my family and friends.

The conclusion example:

The entire life experience we get determines who we really are and who we are to become. The way we react on the certain life obstacles reveals our true nature. You cannot be a brave man showing a great result in sports, but backing up when facing a failure with your relationship. The experience is a set of actions made and declined, and it shows the way we are tend to spend the next days of our life.

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