What is a Good Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay is a special type of an academic paper, which provides an explanation of a certain problem and tends to prove the writer’s opinion. A good persuasive essay can easily convince the reader in a rightfulness of the writer’s point of view. Therefore, in this particular academic assignment, it is important to persuade the audience and not just simply specify a certain point of view. The excellent persuasive essay always includes results of a profound research, which is based on a deep analysis of the up-to-date, credible sources.

What are the Best Persuasive Essay Topics?

Persuasive essay is quite a complex academic assignment since a profound analysis and a decent research work are requested. Moreover, it is very important to choose a proper topic for an essay, which will allow writer to provide logical arguments and evidence. It is great to conduct a small research before choosing a final topic since it can help you to find the best subject and collect relevant evidence. There is the list of the best persuasive topics you can use to perform a perfect essay paper presented below.

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The influence of depressive songs on person’s desire to commit suicide.
  2. Pros and cons of microchipping homeless dogs and home pets.
  3. How better to train home pets: with punishment or rewards.
  4. Professional tests for teachers similar to tests for students.
  5. Four working days per a week: pros and cons.
  6. Remove education peculiarities and differences from traditional schooling.
  7. Computer science as the top academic subject nowadays.
  8. The pros and cons of vaccination in the US and worldwide.
  9. Alternative energy and its benefits for humanity.
  10. The immoral aspect of cloning people and animals.
  11. The existence of death penalty: reasons to support and reasons to decline.
  12. The Internet usage restrictions in the world countries.

Best Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The school vaccinations obligatory status.
  2. The need to sentence teens as adults and its reasons.
  3. Gender discrimination promoted in up-to-date laws.
  4. The racial discrimination in the US and its consequences.
  5. Cheap goods as a way to spend your money twice.
  6. Ways to solve the problem with non-renewable energy sources.
  7. Nuclear power stations’ current regulations.
  8. The different points of views concerning immigrants in a society.
  9. The reason of climate changes is a human activity.
  10. Penalties for people who throw trash on streets.
  11. The pros and cons of using public transport only.
  12. The welfare system modernization.

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topic

  1. The gun control laws failure in the US.
  2. The punishment aimed at oil companies for oil spills.
  3. Sex education classes for teenagers.
  4. Open borders politics in the close future.
  5. Atheist are not less moral than religious people.
  6. The increased women’s desire to look thin.
  7. Computer gaming as a future college subject.
  8. The ways to stop a bullying in educational facilities.
  9. The special forms for teachers as professionals.
  10. The top reasons of a fall of modern planes.
  11. The humans guilty over extinction of rare species.
  12. Hunting is not ethical in a modern society.

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  1. The distraction of a nature as a result of human activity.
  2. Do famous people have a right for privacy?
  3. The role of United States in the World War II.
  4. Volunteer work in a college and at job positions.
  5. The reasons to sentence a person to death.
  6. The Internet as the worst threat for young people.
  7. The usage of modern technologies in music and art.
  8. Music therapy for curing mental illnesses.
  9. Killing animals for fun or fur is immoral.
  10. Vegetarians does not help animals at all.
  11. The ethical aspects of cloning animals and humans.
  12. The danger of genetically modified food.

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

  1. Pros and cons of modern online education.
  2. Unfair up-to-date taxation system.
  3. Ads aimed at kids as target audience must be banned.
  4. Improved gun control and security system in colleges.
  5. The importance of fighting with local terrorism instead of focusing on international crimes.
  6. The birth control pills’ threat for a healthy.
  7. The replacement of traditional books with e-books.
  8. Stop modern companies marketing for kids.
  9. Legalization of marijuana legal aspects.
  10. Is the client always right?
  11. Pros and cons of being a professional gamer.
  12. Early pregnancy prevention ways.

Persuasive Essay Topics For High-school

  1. The right to choose whether join an army or not for young people.
  2. Music influence over a home work completing process.
  3. Hobbies turned into amazing careers.
  4. Time management importance for modern jobs.
  5. The benefits of staying honest at any circumstances.
  6. Kindness as the most greatly valuated personal trait.
  7. The dress code for a successful job interview.
  8. Surviving in catastrophe and starting living another life.
  9. The negative impact of TV shows on teenagers.
  10. The parents control of kids phones and tablets.
  11. The negative effects of smoking and drinking alcohol.
  12. Spending a year after school searching for own life purpose.

Persuasive Paper Topics

  1. The harmful effect of drinking energy drinks.
  2. A famous sportsman cannot always become a great coach.
  3. The risks women-bodybuilders face.
  4. The reason of people’s degradation.
  5. The immoral modern society.
  6. The diets’ harmful effect over people.
  7. The reasons to support a biological weapons usage.
  8. The rejection of organized religion movements.
  9. The right for lesbian couples to have a child.
  10. The moral rights of stem cells’ usage.
  11. The use of a security camera as an invasion of privacy.
  12. The extreme sports’ danger.

What are the steps to Write a Persuasive Essay?

It is important to provide a logical flow of thought, arguments and evidence in your persuasive essay paper. The entire story you tell and a main thesis statement revealed must be greatly supported by an evidence (up-to-date statistics, results of a conducted research, etc.). Therefore, it is greatly recommended to follow the next tips when performing a paper:

  • Conduct a small research where choose the possible topics and the credible evidence to prove your opinion.
  • Check and analyze your target audience to find out whether they share the same points of view with you.
  • Choose the best persuasive essay topic, focusing on a present evidence base and gathered credible sources.
  • Build a proper paper’s structure. Figure out the logical order in advance, basing on the existed evidence. Write down an impressive and attention-grabbing introduction, informal main paragraphs, and a practical conclusion.

Make sure you keep in your mind the main goals of your persuasive essay in order to focus only on the most important information, statistics, and data to reveal. In addition, always try to expose the topic in the way for audience to fully support your point of view eventually.