Tips On Writing Your Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is your great chance to show your feelings and thoughts on a topic or problem you are really interested in or have passion about. Logical proofs and reliable evidence will help make your opinion even stronger.

How to write an opinion essay: Step-by-step guide

In order to form your point of view and create a successful paper, you should plan it carefully and conduct a thorough research.

  1. Pick up an issue to write about. Make sure to pick up the topic having at least two opposing positions. Do not choose a topic almost everyone agrees about.
  2. Choose your side of the debate. Create a list of the reasons for which you have your opinion. Otherwise, you will have problems supporting your point of view.
  3. With the aim of understanding the issue well, research the opposing opinions of your topic.
  4. Now write an introduction, in which you should present the topic so the reader could get the understanding and clear idea of it. Once the topic is introduced, you can make your point of view clear to the reader. As a rule, the introduction of your opinion constitutes of one or two pages.
  5. Now write the body of your opinion essay. Here you explain why you have such an opinion, discuss it, and support your ideas with reliable sources. Cite any references you use. Also, you should address the point of view of an opposing side. This section, as a rule, takes two to five pages.
  6. Now write the conclusion and summarize your ideas. State your point of view once again and conclude your assignment. We do not recommend adding new or additional information in this section. This part of your paper is the shortest one.
  7. According to the required style guide, create the bibliography, where you should provide all the resources you used in the process of writing.

Some more tips on how to write your opinion essay

1. Research on a controversial topic.

You have to define a subject that is controversial. An ideal topic would be local, school, or college issues. In order to expand your understanding of the issue, read various reliable perspectives. Do not only read sources that support only your opinion. That’s even not a big problem if your position changes in the process of your research. You have to provide contrast, so take notes on the perspectives of others and include them to your essay.

2. Write an introduction.

The introduction should provide reasons for which your topic is essential and should end with a thesis statement. The thesis statement clearly states your opinion and the reasons for having it.

3. Write body paragraphs and develop your opinion.

One body paragraph should be written about each reason for your point of view. Each paragraph is to be started with a topic sentence. The topic sentence states the viewpoint you discuss. Here you should include jokes, examples, and quotes from your research to support each of the points. You also should explain how every piece of evidence contributes to your point of view.

4. Write a Conclusion and Bibliography.

Your argument is already complete by the time you get a conclusion. Restate the importance of the topic, review the essence of the argument, and leave the reader with his final thought on the issue. Write the bibliography in the proper format.

Tips from Our Experts

An opinion essay is an academic paper stating a clear opinion and supporting it with reliable and credible facts. Once you succeed in the form of an opinion essay, you are able to use those abilities to convince and make your reader think about his own point of view. Now, pay attention to some more rules applied to writing a quality opinion essay.

  • Format. Your successful opinion essay should include a quality introduction, many paragraphs supporting the core argument of your paper, and a conclusion summarizing everything discussed in the body paragraphs.
  • Methods. Various methods can be used to convince your reader more effectively. The best way is to address the readers directly. You can also use quotations from reliable sources to convince your reader of your point of view. To convince them successfully, we recommend using statistics.
  • Sources. All the sources you use to back up your opinion, have to be credible. It is better to use widely known sources.
  • All of the sources used have to be cited in a bibliography. Otherwise, you risk plagiarizing your paper.
  • The paper is to be kept formal. Yes, you express your own opinion, but you have to avoid colloquial expressions, contractions, emotive vocabulary, etc.

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